From supporting the transition from paper for the earliest EMR adopters to optimizing the most advanced systems in Health Information Technology, our focus has been a successful marriage of technology with the healthcare industry for over one and a half decades.

We provide HIT consulting services, implementation and training, project management and customization services that increase system utilization, optimize performance and outcomes, minimize adoption barriers, and integration methods allowing centralization of efforts with all internal resources.  

  • Study of Computer Sciences with focus on AI and logic efficiencies

  • Over 30 years of IT experience

  • Over 20 years of Healthcare Information Technology

  • Almost 20 years directly working with the NextGen suite of applications

  • Consulting Practice Management, Project Management, Implementation or direct training of the NextGen clinical applications to over 1000 providers

  • Proficient in SQL development directly integrated with NextGen sources

  • Optimization of provider workflow and EHR utilization minimizing data entry and maximizing patient relations

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